Powerlon UltraPerm Breather Membrane. 
Non-woven composite high performance underlay. 
Tough, durable and tear resistant. 
BBA certified for roofs and walls. 
Exceptional water vapour permeability. 
Water repellent with good UV stability. 
Flame retardant. 
Torch On Felt 
A self-protected waterproofing membrane, made of APP plastomeric bitumen, with a high softening point, reinforced with reinforced and stabilized polyester felt (FP), and finished with a mineral protection on the upper side and a thermally bonded film on the lower side. 
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) 
Oriented strand board also known as sterling board is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands in specific orientations. It comes in a variety of types and thicknesses. 
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