Spinner Cowl 
Anti Downdraught Cowl 
Capping Cowl 
We stock a range of quality chimney cowls to help solve chimney related problems with modern designs and the most up to date areodynamically shaped products. 
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Bird Guard 
Rain Cowl 
Bird Guard 
Bird Spikes  
Stainless Steel 
Bird Spikes 
Bird Spikes 
The use of anti bird spikes is the most popular and cost effective method of stopping birds landing and roosting somewhere where they are not wanted, such as on ledges, gutters, chimneys, TV aerials, signage, statues, balconies, walls and lamp-posts. The rigid bird spikes are manufactured from either stainless steel or a clear and tough plastic, so that they are unobtrusive and long lasting. Fixed to the area that needs proofing with a tough, bespoke bird spike adhesive, once fitted with anti bird spikes, the birds can no longer land there, and they move on. Bird spiking has been described as the most effective stand-alone bird deterrent. 
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