We stock a large and comprehensive range of  
3m and 6m lead rolls. 
150mm to 1200mm wide  
in codes 3, 4, 5 and 6. 
Plus a complete range of lead ancillary products. 
Lead Slates 
Aluminium Soakers 
Lead Fixings 
Patination Oil 
Working Tools & Roofing Products 
Lead Dressers 
Lead Slates 
Flexislate Pitched 
Expansion Joints 
Copper Nails 
Copper Strip 
Fixing Clips 
Lead Sealant 
Lead Cleaner and Renovator 
Lead Alternative 
Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax is not harmful to health or the environment. A new generation of lead alternative which is not only easier to use but also easier on your pocket. From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead — without compromise! 
Tel: 01494 533445 
Email your sales enquiry to sales@roofline.org.uk using the CONTACT US page 
Lead Slate 
Patination Oil 
Copper Strip 
Copper Nails 
Wood Roll 
Lead Dressers 
Seaming Pliers 
Finishing Paddle 
Hall Clips 
Lead Sealants 
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